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Oblique Lumbar Interbody Fusion (OLIF)

OLIF is a technique using the anterior to psoas approach to place an interbody cage and bone graft in the lumbar spine. The choice to place interbody cage and graft has to be made by the surgeon after considering multiple factors in the case concerned.

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Spine pain in COVID-19

If you have had a flare up of spinal pain during the COVID-19 pandemic there are a number of things that can be done despite restricted access to the health system and social distancing.

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3 Signs You Need to See an Orthopaedic Specialist for Your Back Pain

Back pain isn’t an extraordinary problem for most people. In most cases, some rest and over-the-counter medications are enough to alleviate the pain. If your condition worsens, however, there is a root problem that needs to be addressed. The solution? Schedule a check-up with an orthopaedic specialist. Why consult with an orthopaedic surgeon? Orthopaedic surgeons…

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What Treatment Options are Available for Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain is a condition that stems from various issues. Trauma, aging, sports-related damage, and abnormalities can lead to back pain. This condition also manifests differently among individuals and requires specialized treatments from various healthcare providers. If you’re suffering from back pain, you need all the information you can get to help you make…

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