Your Appointment at Victorian Orthopaedic Spine Service

Appointments are typically made once a referral is received from your doctor or specialist.

If you have been given a referral then you can send it or fax it to our office and one of our staff will be in touch to make an appointment at the most convenient location to you.

For patients with spinal conditions, we request that a number of questionnaires are completed prior to attending for your appointment. This information is vital to gaining a broad understanding of the nature of the problem and any other conditions that might impact on how best to treat your spinal problem. It allows the specialist to focus in on the current problem having had the opportunity to understand a bit more about you before the appointment.

If you are unable to complete the questionnaires prior to the day of your appointment then they can be filled in on the day. You will need to allow 30 minutes prior to your appointment.

Your privacy is important to us and all information will be securely stored in our database and will not be shared with any third party without your permission. Sometimes you will be asked if we can collect information about your condition for research and in this situation, it will be de-identified and collated so that your personal details cannot be deciphered. All patients are required to sign a privacy consent form.

Many patients have already had some form of imaging before attending for their appointment but sometimes it is required for you to have another test prior to seeing the specialist. This can be arranged by the office staff in consultation with you when the appointment is made.

You should bring any imaging that you have with you. We will make every effort to connect to the imaging company website but this is not always possible. Also be aware that images on CDs should be brought with you but they cannot always be read.

If you believe your condition to be more urgent than the appointment offered then please let the staff know and Mr Edis will look at your case and make every effort to see you earlier.


A referral is not necessary to book an appointment with us, but is required to receive Medicare rebates.

To receive the Medicare rebates for your appointment costs, you will need an up-to-date referral from either a GP (usually valid for 12 months) or from another specialist (valid for 3 months).

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