Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered some of the most commonly asked questions about appointments with Dr David Edis

How do I make an appointment?

Please click on this link –  Appointments

Do I need a referral?

To receive Medicare rebates for your appointment costs, you will need an up-to-date referral from either a GP (usually valid for 12mo) or from another specialist (only valid for 3 mo).

Do I need to bring all my imaging to the appointment?

It is best to bring everything that is relevant to your current problem. Sometimes old X-rays and scans can be invaluable in understanding the progression of your condition or previous treatments you may have had. The older the imaging the less likely it is going to be available via Website databases.

What should I wear to the appointment?

Keep in mind that it is likely that you will need to undergo a physical examination during your assessment and so wear appropriate clothes and underwear.

Do I have to have private insurance?

No, but you will be asked to cover the gap in fees over and above Medicare rebates.  Medical insurers do not cover the costs of your appointment and anyone can see the specialist for an opinion.

It should be noted that many times spinal conditions can be treated without surgery. There may be further diagnostic tests or injections recommended and in most cases private insurance does not cover these costs either.

If you require treatment in hospital then it is advisable to have insurance cover as many times the costs can quickly add up to substantial fees. It is possible to receive a self-funded quote for treatment in a private hospital and for some patients this is still preferable than waiting for treatment in the public sector or the waiting periods on taking out private insurance. Mr Edis does not work in the public sector at present but is happy to forward on a referral if that is required.

What if my condition is covered by Work Cover or TAC?

Mr Edis will see Work Cover patients or TAC patients. If you do not yet have a claim number you will be asked to cover the costs up front, and a receipt will be issued for you to claim back from the insurer.