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Leadership in Health

Time for a respectful approach Sometimes I am ashamed to be a member of the medical profession, when I hear from my patients how they have been mistreated by my colleagues. I don’t mean that the treatment they received did not follow reasonable medical guidelines or was incompetent. I mean that they were not treated…

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Media Links

Below is a list of media links that feature Dr David Edis including research grants, new research and other announcements. Help with understanding health insurance? Robots aid surgeries Clifford Craig grant vital for new research   About Dr David Edis Dr David Edis is an Orthopaedic and Spine Surgeon. David’s areas of special interest include the…

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Surgeon Fees

Surgeon Fees and Out of Pocket Costs for Private Surgery The benefits and downfalls of private health care have been a hot topic of late. In his latest report for the ABC’s investigative journalism program Four Corners (aired May 28 th 2018), Norman Swan has again delivered a piece that is more worthy of A…

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Sciatica and lumbar radiculopathy

What is it ? Sciatica is a term to describe pain that radiates from the back or buttock area and down the leg and into the foot or toes. The pain originates in the lower spine where the lumbar nerve roots (L4, L5 or S1) that make up the sciatic nerve can be irritated by…

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Sagittal imbalance syndrome

The normal spine is balanced with regards to the position of the head over the pelvis. This is true for the front view(coronal) plane and side view (sagittal plane). Scoliosis refers to abnormal curve of the spine in the coronal plane and these curves may be balanced or imbalanced where the head sits off to…

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